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Precious Pigments (30ml) - Platinum gold

Precious Pigments (30ml) - Platinum gold

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The Posh Chalk Precious Collection is a high-quality range of coatings. Each product has been developed after months of research and trials to produce a range of ultra-high quality products. So if you're working on that extra special project, or if you're looking for maximum impact and marketable value, the Precious collection will definitely make a difference.

The Precious range of Pigments is extra special. They are available in powder form to give you the greatest possible mixing flexibility. The Precious Pigments are less 'metallic' than the original Posh Chalk pigments . These pigments are extremely fine, so they will mix into a perfectly smooth paste.
You make the powdery Pigments liquid by adding a few drops of Pigment Infusor . Add more pigment for an extremely luxurious effect. Or add a little less if you want to cover a large area.
Watch the videos below to learn more about our Pigments:
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