Handige tips voor het gebruik van Clear Wax

Useful tips for using Clear Wax

Waxing furniture is child's play. But with the tips below in mind, it will become even easier!

  • Work in a well-lit area so you can easily see where you are applying and removing the wax.

  • Wait until the Chalk Paint has completely hardened before you start waxing. This may take 24-48 hours depending on environmental conditions.

  • Make sure the painted furniture is clean and dust-free before applying the wax. Use a soft cloth or dusting brush to remove dust and dirt.

  • Use a clean, soft cloth or an Annie Sloan Wax Brush to apply the wax. A wax brush can be useful for applying the wax to corners and hard-to-reach areas.

  • Apply the wax in thin layers. This prevents the wax from becoming too thick and hardening slowly. So use the wax sparingly. It is easier to add more wax than to remove excess wax. Start with a thin layer and add more if necessary for the desired finish.

  • Working in small sections, rub the wax in the direction of the wood grain for an even application. If you notice that the wax is leaving streaks, rub in circular motions to soften and even out the streaks.

  • Let the wax soak in for a few minutes. The exact application time depends on the temperature and humidity, but 5-10 minutes is usually sufficient. Then remove excess wax with a clean, lint-free cloth so that only a thin layer of wax remains on the furniture. Rub with light pressure to achieve the desired shine. Remove excess wax thoroughly.
    Make sure you have several cloths ready to prevent oversaturation of your cloth.
    Leftover wax can feel sticky and greasy if not removed properly. If you notice that the wax is becoming too stiff to wipe off easily, you can apply a little more wax and then remove it.
    If you have accidentally applied too much wax and it has already dried to such an extent that you can no longer remove it with a cloth, you can remove excess wax with a cloth moistened with a little mineral spirits. Gently wipe the surface to dissolve the excess wax.

  • For extra protection, you can apply a second layer after applying the wax.

  • Allow the wax layer to harden for 24 hours before using the furniture.

  • To maintain your furniture, you can regularly apply a thin layer of wax to renew the protection and maintain the shine. If you notice that the wax layer becomes dull over time, you can also freshen the surface by applying a thin layer of wax and rubbing it out thoroughly.

  • For furniture that sees heavy use, such as table tops or chairs, consider applying Annie Sloan Lacquer instead of wax for extra durability. If you want to combine Lacquer and wax, always apply a layer of Lacquer first and then the wax. Lacquer over wax will not adhere!

  • Store the wax in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat.

  • Take your time and be patient. Waxing is a process that requires care and attention to achieve the best results.
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