Collection: Silicone molds

These silicone casting molds from Redesign with Prima are also called "decor moulds".

The figures in the molds are cut out in great detail, allowing you to cast extremely fine figures and ornaments. Because the molds are made of flexible silicone rubber, they can be used again and again. Because the molds are so flexible, your cast product releases effortlessly once it has hardened.

It is nice to know that the silicone casting molds are both cold and heat resistant. In addition, they are made from food-safe material, so you can also use them for pouring chocolate. We do recommend keeping the molds that are used in your kitchen separate from those in which you use epoxy or clay. In addition to decorating your cakes or furniture, you can also use these molds to pour soap. Finally, because the molds can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius, they are also suitable for ceramic clay.