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Monarch Collection (30.48 x 30.48cm) - Decoration stamp

Monarch Collection (30.48 x 30.48cm) - Decoration stamp

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These stamps from Redesign with Prima are clearly aligned, allowing you to create unique and versatile stamped designs on a variety of surfaces, such as furniture, walls, fabric and more!

Thanks to the transparency of the acrylic stamp itself, you can easily align the stamp for perfect placement. In addition, this makes it easier to prevent overload or misalignment. Being able to see the pattern clearly without inking the stamp first makes it much easier when creating repeating patterns.

All stamps are made from high quality, food-safe acrylic and contain a varying number of individual stamps depending on the design.

Below we explain how you can use a stamp.


Remove the stamp from the acetate backing and attach it to an acrylic stamp block (choose the most appropriate size).


Once assembled, apply the ink by pressing an ink pad. You can also apply paint instead of ink. If you use paint, use as little as possible to avoid stains. For example, you can use a foam sponge in this case.


Make sure your surface is clean and dry. For painted surfaces, allow the paint to fully cure for at least 24 hours before applying the ink (longer if conditions are cold and drying times are longer).


Once you're happy with the amount of paint or ink on the stamp to create the look you're going for, align your stamp using the clear alignments printed on the stamp. You can still see these alignments through the clear acrylic block. Then carefully place the stamp on your surface.

Apply reasonable pressure to transfer the ink. It is advisable to "practice" twice on another object, so that you get a feel for exactly how much ink or paint you need.

The use of an acrylic stamping block is not always necessary. If you do not use the block, you will get less uniform prints, which can give an older and weathered appearance.


Repeat the process until your design is complete.

To ensure that your stamps remain in good condition, clean your stamps after each use. Even if you want to use multiple colors of ink or paint, you must clean the stamp in between.


Once clean, place your stamps back on their backing sheet to keep them safe until next use.

And you're done...!

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