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Distressed Borders II (60.96 x 88.90cm) - Redesign Décor Transfers®

Distressed Borders II (60.96 x 88.90cm) - Redesign Décor Transfers®

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Applying Redesign Déco Transfers is really child's play. Below lay we explain how it works.


Prepare the surface you want to apply the transfer to. If necessary, sand it smooth with some sandpaper and ensure that the surface is free of dust and grease.


Determine where exactly you want the transfer and cut out certain parts if necessary. Remove while doing so the protective foil yet and be careful that parts of the transfer do not stick in places where you do not want them. After all, it is difficult - almost impossible even - to remove it yet.
Especially when you cut out pieces of transfer and want to stick them next to and on top of each other, it is useful to stick the cut pieces, with the protective foil still attached, to your furniture with some painter's tape. This way you get a good overview of your own design and you can continue to build your "puzzle" yourself.
You can apply different pieces of transfer on top of each other. Where the drawings overlap, the bottom drawing will no longer be visible. When you partially overlap pieces, you create more depth in the design.


Once you are satisfied with where you want each piece or the entire transfer, remove the pieces with the masking tape. You remove the protective film one by one brings then apply the transfer, with the adhesive side down, to the desired places. Try to do this as straight and tight as possible so that you don't create bubbles.


Then rub the transfer on the furniture with the supplied stick. You place the stick with the long side upright, at an angle of approximately 45 degrees, on the back of the transfer. By sanding and the pressure of the stick, the image will gradually transfer from the foil to the furniture. The principle is just like that of a temporary tattoo.

The easiest thing is to work slowly from left to right, or vice versa. Every time you finish a piece, gently pull the backing foil up to see if the design has transferred properly. If not, place the foil back over the design and continue rubbing with the stick. In this way you gradually work your way to the right until the image has been completely transferred.

And you're done...!

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