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De Goei Kamer

Salty Patina Effect powder - 100gr

Salty Patina Effect powder - 100gr

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"Salty patina effect powder" creates a peeling effect and a rough surface reminiscent of painted wood that has suffered the elements.

Salty Patina Effect is a unique product composed of salts and minerals. Mix the powder into the first coat of chalk paint to create a beautiful distressed look on your furniture.

Depending on the amount of Salty Patina effect used, you can make the effect coarse or fine. You can also choose to only apply it to certain zones or edges.

You can also work in two colors for even more depth and structure. Mix the powder with a second paint color and apply it on top of your first coat. Let everything dry thoroughly and then sand with coarse sandpaper.

The salt patina effect does not dry out very quickly, giving you plenty of time to work with it. You can speed up the drying process by using a hairdryer.

The product comes with a clear manual.

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