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Mandala small (30x30cm) - Posh Chalk - Stencil

Mandala small (30x30cm) - Posh Chalk - Stencil

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With a stencil or stencil you can easily apply an image to numerous surfaces. Just think of furniture, walls, canvas, fabric, cushions, lampshades, and much more...!

You can use chalk paint to stencil, but did you know that it can also be done with gilding wax, chalk pastes or even metal leaf...? For hair-fine edges you can use a roller, while a stenciling brush can give an aged look. With the extensive range of De Goei Kamer, the possibilities are endless, and you can give your projects a unique and refined restyling again and again!

All templates are made from sturdy, high quality plastic. This means you can wash them and reuse them again and again. The stick & Style templates on a roll are for single use. But provided you work carefully, you can also use it a second or third time.
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